Miller’s Forehead Fashion Foul

BROW BEAT Miller (Getty Images)

The reason the British have a rep for disregarding dental hygiene may have revealed itself this weekend—they’re too focused on eyebrows. When Diddy‘s longtime lady friend Sienna Miller showed up at a Valentino haute couture show in Rome this weekend sporting thick black worms on her forehead, the British press made a collective gagging sound. Whether the Furbys on her forehead are an attractive look or a sexy throwback is debatable. Her tardiness to the trend is not.

Evening Standard: The tab thinks Sienna’s “caterpillar eyebrow look” is “bizarre—and rather distracting.” Right. We’re supposed to be looking at her clothes and her protruding collarbone.

Daily Mirror: Editors are grossed out by Sienna’s “thick black eyebrows more suited to a factory supervisor,” and so are the tab’s readers. A poll on the paper’s site shows that 26 percent of voters think her new eyebrows are “glam” while 74 percent think they’re “scary.”

Now magazine: Sienna’s shocking more than just readers. Her fellow party-goers were miffed, saying she looked “more like a Bond villain than a fashion icon.”

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