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Millennials Are Crybabies

MAFIA MILLENNIAL Kate Levering (Photo: Getty Images)

Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about those so-called “Millennials”—the most recent group of young professionals now filling the ranks—Ad Age comes through and tattoos a few final defining characteristics: Not only are they tech savvy, but Millenials are also of a shady work ethic … and are emotionally unstable!

That’s right, beyond this post-Generation X clan’s unabashed fondness for social networking sites and its thorn-in-the-side role to upwardly mobile middle-management, the group as a whole are lazy babies. In the explosive AdAge article on “getting the best out of Millennials,” a marketing instructor has this advice: “Handle with care…. Many Millennials lack the resilience to shrug off setbacks; a misdirected frown or a curt e-mail can send them into a tailspin…. Use criticism sparingly, frame feedback positively—and keep the Kleenex handy.”