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VF Got Topless Miley Cyrus Topless After Topless Miley’s Dad Left the Room? (Warning: Toplessness)


Vanity Fair should have known that attempts to portray Miley Cyrus as an artist, or even an adult, would backfire. If she’s not flashing a peace sign in a photo for Life & Style, Hannah Montana gets antsy.

By now you’re familiar with her staged shock and outrage. Her father, Billy Ray (you’re probably too young to remember his chart-topping, crossover hit hairstyle), joins the fray today, saying he and Miley’s handlers left the set before she was shot in a sheet. But VF fashion and style director (and noted European) Michael Roberts issues an open-palmed rebuke of his own, saying that all of her entourage was present and saw on-screen takes of the shots. More importantly, it wasn’t a mere sheet she was draped in. “It’s a duchess satin stole, Champagne, specially made,” he sniffs.

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