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Is Miley Cyrus’ Lifted Riff Coincidence? Lustra Guitarist Thinks Not

Lustra, an L.A. rock band whose biggest moment to date was landing a song on the Eurotrip soundtrack, are claiming Miley Cyrus—or the people who actually write her songs—stole the opening riff for her song “Rockstar” from their “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” according to an item in today’s Page Six. Above, a U.K. radio host does the back-to-back comparison. It appears that the band was first tipped about the Cyrus similarity on its popular MySpace page by a commenter who wrote on May 14, “Miley Cyrus released a single “Rockstar” with a guitar hook that is very similar to the main guitar riff of ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ … Check it out and sue away.” Lustra guitarist Nick Cloutman tells Radar there were a whole slew of comments and e-mails from their fans about the similarities between the two songs …