Miley Cuddles Half-naked Panty Boy In Her House of Worship

BANANAS! OK! cover, Gaston (inset)

Until very recently the extent of our Miley Cyrus knowledge was getting whacked by a Hannah Montana lunchbox when the elementary school down the street let out. But over the past few months we’ve been Miley-fied with persistent coverage of the comings and goings of the teen queen. First there were the “questionable” Vanity Fair photos in April (note to Annie Liebowitz: It’s never a good idea to wrap a naked 15-year-old in a bed sheet and snap away, no matter how “beautiful” you think it is), and then Miley dissed Katy Perry when the “I Kissed a Girl” singer said she wouldn’t mind a Madonna/Britney Spears VMA-style smooch with the Disney money-maker (it was a sad day for Barely Legal readers everywhere). Now, Miley, 15, has a new man, Justin Gaston—a 20-year-old underwear model thing. Cue the statutory bells!

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