Miley Does Not Go In For That Gay Stuff Just Yet!

KISS OFF Cyrus, Perry

Not this girl: Miley Cyrus says she won’t engage in a Sapphic lip-lock with “I Kissed a Girl” singer Kate Perry at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. Perry recently told an interviewer that she wanted to pucker up with Cyrus—instead she’ll just have to settle for looking at whatever lusty pics of little Hannah Montana she can find online.

Having relations: Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James has been sentenced to 27 months in jail and ordered to pay a $100,000 fine for fraud and conspiracy after he helped his mistress buy property in a city redevelopment zone and failed to disclose the nature of their relationship.

Bad connection: Reversing an earlier pledge for media freedom at the Olympics, China now says it will censor the Internet for foreign journalists.

JUST CLICK IT ALREADY!: Brits battling; Butcher to The Hague; Tim Donaghy’s hoop dreams dashed; and McCain’s in the clear!

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