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Mike Huckabee Takes West Virginia

  • Mike Huckabee and John McCain continue to put the Malachi Crunch to Mitt Romney‘s White House hopes. This time, they colluded to give Huckabee an unexpected Super Tuesday win in West Virginia’s Republican convention, effectively shanghaiing from the Mittster a state he assumed was going his way. Though Romney was ahead after the first round of delegate voting, his failure to win a clear majority necessitated a second round of voting in which ol’ Huck thundered to victory. It appears the upset can be attributed to a shift by McCain delegates, who told Fox News that they were directed by the McCain campaign to support Huckabee. The Romney campaign is of course moaning about a “backroom deal” and “Senator McCain’s inside Washington ways,” because it always sucks to lose a race you thought you’d already won. [The Hill]