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Mike Gravel to Fondle Obama Girl’s Balloons

TALK DIRTY TO ME Gravel, Obama Girl (Photo:

So it looks like that Obama/Clinton “Dream Team” ticket probably isn’t going to happen. But who gives a crap really, because Mike Gravel and the Obama Girl are teaming up. Radar has learned that the Democratic presidential candidate is planning to continue his streak of super-hot internet videos by meeting up with the YouTube sensation in New York City to shoot a video promoting a website called And, yes, it is scheduled to involve a scene where Gravel makes balloon puppets [Ed: that’s not some kind of euphemism] for the bikini-clad Obama cultist. The pair will reportedly walk in the park, eat ice cream and fly a kite together as well [Ed: again, just what it sounds like]. Adorable. And eerily similar to the opening montage in Commando with Alyssa Milano and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Carry on, Senator Gravel.

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