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Gravel Blasts Obama, Blows Coke


That ol’ rascal Mike Gravel continues to break things down for the youth of America in terms that they can understand—by comparing his Democratic opponents to tiddlywinks players and playing up his past drug use. In a tub-thumper at Yale last night, the straight-shooting presidential candidate pledged to keep running until the November 3 election, taking direct aim at his vote-getting opponents, and, specifically, the folly of the Barack Obama juggernaut: “From the other candidates you hear a lot of fluff, a lot of tiddlywinks. They don’t take names and kick butt. Here comes a politician running a campaign for president saying he is going to heal the country—we’re going to have blue skies and everyone is going to hold hands. That is unadulterated bullshit.” Gravel did, however, liken himself to the hope-peddling senator by acknowledging he’s used marijuana and cocaine, an admission which of course elicited an “uproarious outburst” from the Ivy League crowd. [Yale Daily News]