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Old Men to Winehouse: “Stay Off The Drugs”

  • Reuters reports that human pharmaceutical museum Keith Richards opined that Grammy-winner/smack-pincushion Amy Winehouseshould get her act together.” (“Apart from that,” said the chivalrous grandfather, “I have got nothing to say to the bitch.”) Richards’ bandmate Mick Jagger, a knight of the realm, also weighed in, noting that in his day the dangers of drugs were less understood and, in any event, the kids today should take a lesson from his generation’s experience. “After all, look at Keith,” Jagger could have, but did not, add. “Guy had his blood changed three times and still stayed on the spike. Now he’s a fucking multi-millionaire with a mansion in Connecticut and a model wife, and his tours are still the biggest-selling events every year he goes out. No, drugs don’t pay.”