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Michael Wolff: Pot, Meet Kettle

  • When we reported this week that former New Yorker editor Tina Brown and fumbling IAC chairman Barry Diller were planning on launching a news aggregator site, Vanity Fair media columnist Michael Wolff, perhaps weary of a competitor to his Newser, bristled. “I have great admiration for Tina and Barry, but the last time I looked Tina was still having trouble getting her email,” Wolff wrote in an email to Gawker. Funny, because we seem to recall Wolff being the print media veteran who has trouble handling electronic correspondence. Back in February, after Portfolio‘s Jeff Bercovici sent Wolff an email asking how Newser.com was doing (okay then, not as bad as expected now, according to Nick Denton!), Wolff responded by accidentally sending Bercovici the talking points he was supposed to forward to partner Patrick Spain.

    Though I suppose having trouble “getting” your email is worse than having trouble “sending” it.