Brit Now Has Sam Lutfi, Michael Sands, Deep Throat on Her Side

MEDDLE MANAGEMENT Sands and No. 1 client Lutfi

Earlier this week, Michael Sands was a spokesman for Kevin Federline‘s divorce lawyer with a moderately rad, eagle-themed, Netscape 3.0-styled Web “network.” Now he’s flipped sides and insists all he wants is to save Britney Spears. Just like his new number one client Sam Lutfi.

Sands tells Radar he quit the K-Fed crew on Monday, leaving as spokesman for attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan (X17online claims Kaplan fired him for, among other things, wearing sweatpants to a court hearing) and picking up as the spokesman for Lutfi, Britney Spears’ best bud currently forbidden from coming within 250 feet from her. “We’re here to help Britney. This is not about Sam Lutfi. This is all about a person who is bipolar,” Sands tells Radar. Guiding his efforts is his own experience dealing with a bi-polar ex-wife, he claims. “It’s a freakin’ disease, man. Sam is trying to help her.”

Why Sands? Because he’s the veteran PR genius behind, a site where Web viewers can watch live as famous people get facelifts. Because Sands is a self-described “government operative,” a Department of Defense contractor hired as the mouthpiece for the military and other agencies (his work actually goes deeper than that, but he can’t talk specifics, he says). Because he’s a recovering alcoholic who gets what Britney’s struggling with, he says—also, he has ADD.

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