Michael Phelps Squeezes Out Another Victory At The Playboy Club


Radar Staff Writer Neel Shah spent the evening in Las Vegas (more on that later), and was kind enough to send along these fine photos of Olympic hero Michael Phelps “massively skeeving on girls at the Playboy Club” in that city’s Palms Casino. Neel notes that the Olympian was accompanied by an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks, one of whose sole duties appeared to be pointing a flashlight at anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer during his efforts to obtain a gold medal in ass-grabbing. (“It was unreal,” says Neel. “Within moments of entering the club he summoned two girls over… I’ve never seen such an aggressive grip.”)

But don’t be too quick to judge: Who among us, having just accomplished the greatest individual feat in Olympic history, wouldn’t head straight to Vegas to score some tail? Hell, if it were me I’d still be wearing the goggles. Anyway, see how a true champion executes a classic butt-rub maneuver on a scantily-clad cocktail server below.

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