Mel Sells, Covers Apocalypto Costs

REAL ESTATE WARRIOR Gibson’s $39.5M Connecticut farm

Say what you will about Mel Gibson‘s peculiar religious views and drunken, racist rants, but the man has almost as much money as the Pope. And he’ll have even more cash after he sells Old Wind Farm, his 75-plus-acre estate in the back country of swanky Greenwich, Connecticut. It recently hit the market for a bank account-busting $39.5 million—coincidentally, that’s about the budget of Apocalypto.

The Elizabethan inspired Tudor behemoth clocks in at a whopping 15,862-square feet with 15 bedrooms, 12 full and six half bathrooms. In addition to a swimming pool, tennis court, stables, a log cabin, and a couple of staff houses, the extensive gardens include a sculpted maze which must be a particularly confusing place for Mel after a long night of, well, let’s say recovery.

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