Inking Meghan McCain

Meghan (Photo: Getty Images)

Okay, Meghan McCain, when you opened the floor to ideas for what your next tattoo should be, we were a bit flummoxed. Or maybe that was excitement. But also worry. The lone star you’re currently sporting on your foot doesn’t give us much to go on in terms of likes and dislikes. It speaks to your cuteness and maybe some body issues, sure, but as far as working as any kind of trend forecaster, not even. So we had to take a few liberties and reprise some celebrity favorites along with a couple of the art’s higher achievements. Or we didn’t have to; we wanted to, way back when this day began. We’re just bouncing these off you, all right? Let us know? We’d like to be involved. Herewith, Radar‘s Recommendations for Meghan McCain’s New Tattoo!

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