Meet the Ladies in Line for Royalty

ROYAL CRUSH Davy, Middleton (inset)

Being heir to the British throne isn’t all strawberries ‘n cream. Take the media furor surrounding Prince William‘s rumored engagement to girlfriend Kate Middleton. It’s spiraled so deeply out of control that Middleton has been forced to retain the services of a law firm to deal with the paparazzi. And Prince Harry‘s relationship with pouty blonde Chelsy Davy recently piqued the ire of British taxpayers after a battalion of police officers was taken off normal duty to shepherd the duo out of a nightclub.

Of course, those of us on this side of the Pond aren’t as up to date on the specs of the would-be Queen and Princess. After the jump, everything you ever wanted to know about likely future royals Kate and Chelsy, but were afraid to ask….

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