Meet the Also-rans: ‘Doc Hollywood’ Steven Hoefflin

MEDICAL HISTORY Hoefflin (Photo:

If ever the current presidential race become too much to bear, you can always vote for Dr. Steven M. Hoefflin, aka “Doc Hollywood”—so named for his famous plastic surgery clients and job consulting on the Michael J. Fox turkey of the same name.

Sure, Hoefflin has a closet full of skeletons—and that’s not just a reference to his lipo clients. He has been accused of everything from sexual harassment of his own employees to assaults on his famous clients (and their genitals), but he was totally cleared of all of that nasty stuff years ago. Still unclear is whether the latest horse in the prez race is also the man responsible for misplacing Michael Jackson‘s nose or turning the King of Pop white.

What, like Hillary Clinton‘s some kind of saint?

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