Meet Skyler Shaye, the Next Angelina


Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight may be terribly estranged from his Oscar-winning daughter Angelina Jolie, but he’s “like a second dad” to Skyler Shaye, a young actress that Voight has been squiring around town in recent months.

The blonde, Voight’s goddaughter, is not only a stand-in offspring for the actor, she is also making her own international screen debut this fall in Bratz: The Movie, a live-action tribute to the scantily clad dolls. With such strong almost-family connections, an uncanny ability to pout for the camera, and what is sure to be a cult-like tween following, Skyler Shaye (saying both names, always, is a must) seems all set up to become la petit Jolie. Radar wanted to know more about this megastar in the making. Below, Skyler Shaye, in her own words.

Age: 20

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Acting chops: Played an epileptic gymnast on the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy, guest starred in a few episodes of Veronica Mars, and made her cinematic debut in Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2. In Bratz, she will play “Cloe, who gets to wear cute jeans and hoodies! My character’s passions are soccer and fashion. And showing girls you don’t need to be in a clique to be cool.”

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