McCain Wins Debate, Say McCainers

Need to know this:

John McCain handily wins debate, according to McCain supporters! “I think it’s the best we can expect McCain to have done.”—Michelle Malkin. Little Green Footballs commenter: “Where was this McCain the last two debates?” Instapundit: “This time McCain looked like he was having a better time than Obama.” Here’s the 90-second liberal video version. And here is the fact check.
• The international markets mildly went to hell over night.
• The G1 Google-phone scores okay against the iPhone.
• Citi announced a $2.8 billion loss in the third quarter.
• The New York City council has been greenlighted to vote on repealing term limits.
• The dude who was married to Christie Brinkley while nailing a 19-year-old? Yeah, he’s got a sex tape. Fortunately, it stars the 19-year-old.

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