“McCain Struggles To Hold the South”

A very few important things to know this morning:

Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize in economics. So far, the media can’t coherently explain why; the BBC tries hardest but doesn’t deliver.
• If Britain spent $60 billion to prop up three banks, then we can probably prop up 30 banks with our $600 billion!
• “McCain Struggles To Hold the South for GOP.” Yow!
• This weekend’s polls were good for Obama and not actually about a “McCain comeback.”
• Front of the Los Angeles Times brings a must-read article with a bizarre Web headline: “Obama makes fundraising race a laugher.” The outsourcing of copy desks must stop!
• Today should be a nice, soothing rebounding Dow day. Do not be fooled by that experience when it hits the skids later this week. P.S. Today is a USPS holiday but not a NYSE one.

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