McCain Camp Now Hemorrhaging Staff

STILL FIGHTING John McCain(Photo: Getty Images)

McCain ’08 death knell?: McCain’s top three press aides bolted today, along with two junior press staffers and his research director.

Even if it’s true…: Katie Couric looks like she’s “been kidnapped and drugged and [is] making a hostage tape.” So says Mary Mapes, former CBS producer, on Joe Scarborough‘s morning show.

Life after Promises: Nude photos of Lindsay Lohan taken by her ex-boyfriend Calum Best have allegedly surfaced, and a website is threatening to make them public. Asked to comment, Lohan’s rep says, “Anything is possible.”

So you think you can dance?: In a new music video, Obama Girl flashes her moves, then battles Giuliani Girl in a pillow fight.

The new South Beach diet: Queen Latifah is set to open her own FatBurger in Miami.

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