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Barack Obama and John McCain Will Never Lie To You

So Katie Couric—who’s really gotten her groove back of late, don’t you think?—got both candidates to answer a series of questions. The first one—from the online community Digg.com!—concerned when it was appropriate to lie to the American people. Barack Obama said never, while John McCain said only when you really needed to win an election. Kidding! They both said they didn’t think it was ever appropriate to lie to the American people and then each made a big show of trying to imagine some kind of foreign policy situation where it might make sense to be economical with the actualité before declaring that, no, never would they deceive. So it turns out one of the times you can lie to the American people is when you’re being interviewed by Katie Couric. Also? Both men are big Marlon Brando fans, with Obama even doing an impression of the late actor’s opening scene in The Godfather, which, while passable, was nowhere near as uncanny as candidate George W. Bush‘s 7-minute tour de force as the samurai’s wife from Rashomon on Larry King in 2000. Anyway, go watch the clip.