McCain Gives Letterman a Poll Dance

RIDING A TICKET Letterman (Photo: Getty Images)

Here we are then: Friday. High time for us to run the numbers, don’t you think? This week shows that John McCain has helped David Letterman surge in the most important of all polls: Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter. The Maverick’s failure to make an appearance on Letterman late last month has resulted in a blast in online popularity for old Dave—he’s even beating out Jon Stewart. Talk about an October surprise!

With Johnny Boy finally making an appearance on Letterman last night, we’re expecting that Dave will remain on top for a few more days at least. After that, the kids will probably come to their senses and Stewart will regain his lead. But who knows, we’ve got less than three weeks until the election, and until then, anything could happen on late night (and in politics). Click over to the Fame-O-Meter for the details.

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