Mazel Tuff vs. Dr. Dreidel


Congratulations to Toronto-bred “super producer” (and super Jew!) Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem, whose Beluga Heights label just inked a deal with Miami teen rap sensation Sean Kingston. Rotem—best known for making out with Britney Spears whilst smoking—signed up with Epic Records at the end of last year, in the <a href=" “target=”_blank”>modest hope he could have something akin to “what Dre’s relationship is to Interscope.”

Tru dat, eh? Rotem says he chose his new 16-year-old protégé for his “swagger, and rude boy attitude.” And J.R. knows from swagger!

In fact, we’ve have had our eye on him for a while now, owing mostly to his uncanny resemblance to our other favorite multi-platinum, Canadian-bred, Hebraic ‘hood rat …

[Scan from the new issue of Radar magazine, on newsstands now, after the jump!]

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