Mary-Kate Is A Lucky Little Bitch

Ledger, Olsen (Photo: Getty Images)

Cold case filed: The U.S. Attorney’s Office has closed its probe into the death of Heath Ledger and will not force Mary-Kate Olsen to talk about how she had nothing to do with Ledger’s drugs.

On the outs?: Pakistan’s ruling coalition has launched an impeachment motion against President Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf has yet to issue a response, but he’s reportedly cancelled his trip to the Olympics.

MYOB: After President Bush calls for a free press, free assembly, labor rights, and other silly stuff, the Chinese government tells him to bug off, mind his own business, prepare for the majesty of Friday’s opening ceremonies.

MAGICAL THINGS WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU CLICK HERE: The numbers don’t lie; smogs masks offend; and what will Graydon Carter do next?!

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