Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize

WEB 2.OKAY WHY NOT? Marko Ahtisaari

The former president of Finland has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his globe-trotting efforts to extinguish conflict. He is an honorary citizen of Namibia! From Kosovo to Bosnia (admittedly not very far) he has attempted to stem crisis. (He is also oddly in favor of the war in Iraq, but hey.) Also he has a groovy son named Marko, who is a globe-trotting Web 3.0 kingpin. Not only does Marko compose ambient music, he’s also a founding investor of Dopplr, which is one of those web companies formed when you drop a vowel from an otherwise ordinary word. (He’s like Web 2.NoWay Tumblrtards David Karp and Charles Forman without all the Julia Allison!)

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