Market Down, Bush Speaks, Disaster Looms

SOME HELPFUL ADVICE Protest at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday (Photo: Getty Images)

George Bush went on the TV again this morning, as the markets opened in New York. He did not stop the Dow from immediately plunging. “We are going to get a package fast.” And: “Republicans and Democrats are going to get together.” He was all “big package!” And “hard work!” Then he was OFF. In a couple of hours, our Congress critters are going to go back into meetings, after they finish their leisurely breakfasts of brie and milk toast. So, the right and the left are in essential agreement that a bailout is not necessarily in their interests. Even Bill O’Reilly said this last night: “So! you got corruption on the right, and corruption on the left. And who gets it? You get it, you, the hardworking person!” (Also he called Barney Frank a “fat toad,” which is insane.)

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