Mark Geragos and The Dirty Dick

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE Geragos and Peterson

Legal eagles in Los Angeles are yapping louder than usual about the fate of celebrity attorney Mark Geragos following the arrest of his lead private investigator on bribery charges. Sources say the L.A. District Attorney’s office is currently trying to determine the extent to which the famed barrister, who’s represented everyone from Michael Jackson to Scott Peterson, was aware of Bradley Miller‘s attempts to bribe an alleged rape victim—the lead witness in a case against one of Geragos’ clients, L.A. real-estate scion Alex Izuierdo.

As Radar previously reported, Miller was arrested in June, along with Izquirdo’s father and another man, for attempting to pay the woman money in exchange for her silence. (It’s not the first time Miller has run into trouble. Just before Geragos client Michael Jackson’s November 2003 arrest for child molestation, the P.I.’s Beverly Hills office was raided by prosecutors, though the evidence seized was ultimately ruled inadmissible.)

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