Mark Cuban’s Hipster Horror Show

Billionaire baseball investor and blogger Mark Cuban has teamed up with coproducer Todd Wagner to launch Magnet Films, a subsidiary of Magnolia Pictures, to realease “rule-breaking” films.

A preview of the slate, which was revealed Tuesday, promised an erotic-noir-thriller starring Asia Argento—as if there were any other kind starring Asia Argento—and a Viking movie with a “black metal” soundtrack. As cool as those sound, we were most intrigued by the alternative backlash flick Murder Party, which tells the tale of “a gang of deranged hipster artists”—again, are there any other kind?—who plan to lure a victim to their Brooklyn loft and ritually kill him as part of their performance art.

Sounds like a typical night in Bushwick to us.

The full, deranged, synopsis is after the jump …

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