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Seltzer Honed Homegirl Hosejob on AOL

STOP THE MADDNESS The possibly real Madd Ronald, Seltzer (inset)

SoCal Valley Girl turned ‘straight from the hood’ faux memoirist Margaret “Peggy” Seltzer has been perfecting her homegirl game for quite some time now, Radar has learned.

By the time Seltzer set about hoodwinking her editor at Riverhead, Sarah McGrath, she’d already practiced her story on an AOL journal titled “berious b”, which appears to have been created four years ago. “Berious b” was “jus some basik thoughts and perspectives, bree style without apology.” There weren’t many entries, but what Bree—screen name “blastedagronaut”—did post was interesting. Like her “All About Me” section on the right side of the page, which began “im jus a gurl…a simple one at that. i was a soldier once, but i think i am semi-retired now. dont doubt that i am doing my work still, only what that work is has changed…”