Make Your Own McCain Attack Ad

Here’s a new ad attacking Barack Obama for his association with 1960s hippie-terrorist Bill Ayers (above). It’s pretty good so far as these things go. We particularly liked how the ad took a full nine seconds to imply that a dude involved in blowing up an “out-of-the-way men’s room in the Capitol basement” after giving a 30-minute warning was a more effective terrorist than the 9/11 hijackers. Well done.

We look forward to hearing more hyperbole about Obama’s association with this dopey, violent Marxist, but we’re also kinda wondering when the hell some shady independent group on the Democratic side will get around to responding with a similarly ominous ad based on John McCain’s ties to someone who’s damaged more than a men’s room and a few Senate hideaway offices in the U.S. Capitol building. Iraqi con-man Ahmed Chalabi! While this writer doesn’t give a crap who wins this election (and in fact has a lengthy Republican past), he will, in the interest of nudging this election along to the next level of histrionics, offer a short menu of ready-made components that Democrats should feel free to use in rustling up a sharp little attack ad on the McCain/Chalabi connection. Feel free to pick and choose what works for you:

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