Rock Chucker Scores Hit on Madonnamobile


Earlier today, Madonna‘s black Suburban drew pebble fire while driving through Central Park in Manhattan, causing a large, dangerous-looking hole in the back passenger window (pics are not yet available.) Rumors are swirling (at Radar HQ) that it was the work of disgruntled, dyspeptic, and possibly highly distilled Yankees fans still smarting from the dishonor done Alex Rodriguez by Madge and her close-knit band of Kabbalah-ists. Of course, having all the smarts of the Yankee bullpen, the culprits failed to realize that neither Mrs. Ritchie, her husband, nor their children were in the car at the time—only some lame, unfamous driver. Probably a Yankees fan! Needless to say, Madonna, said to be quite a pitcher in her own right, wouldn’t have made the same rookie mistake. UPDATE: OK! has the pictures.

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