The House Madea Built

DOMICILE OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN Tyler Perry’s $9.6 million Hollywood Hills home

Cross-dressing apparently pays. Tyler Perry, best known as the aging, droopy-boobed, high jinks-seeking mad black woman “Madea,” has reportedly plunked down $9.6 million for an ultra-modern manse in the Hollywood Hills. Floral-print dresses aside, the man BusinessWeek has dubbed the most bankable actor in Hollywood also has impeccable taste in design.

Perry recently cashed in on the $4.8 million sale of his oceanfront Malibu home and upgraded to this 4-bedroom, 5-bath place equipped with a full nightclub (including bar, lounge, and disco ball), a glass catwalk that doubles as the see-through ceiling of the wine cellar, a screening room, and a living room that hovers over the twinkling lights of Los Angeles below.

Presumably, there’s plenty of closet place for Madea’s muumuus.

Click for a tour of Perry’s playhouse!

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