Luke Russert Gets the Nod


Russ, Jr., steps in: NBC News has announced it will hire the late Tim Russert’s son Luke as a “correspondent at large” to cover the upcoming political conventions. Based on his strong performance opposite an annoying Matt Lauer, we can’t say we’re surprised.

More daddy-related news: Britney Spears remains under the tight noose of her father Jamie, who a judge ruled will retain conservatorship over her finances until the end of the year.

Believe the surge hype?: July marks the lowest U.S. death count since the beginning of the Iraq invasion, with 11 soldiers killed. Make up your own damn mind!

Undercover brother: Previous attempts to reveal the identity of wildly popular British street artist Banksy have turned out to be likely fakes, but now Gawker has obtained (apparently) genuine photos of the man in action from a UK documentary filmed in 2000.

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