Lucianne Goldberg: “Our Sex Scandal Was Much Better”

THE GOLDBERG STANDARD McCain, Goldberg (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

Of all the conservatives who have rushed out in defense of John McCain in light of the New York Times’ vague, oddly timed “McCain Might Have Screwed a Lobbyist” story, perhaps no one is angrier than Clinton-hating conservative pundit Lucianne Goldberg. “It’s so amateurish, I’m appalled,” Goldberg tells Radar.

She speaks from experience with these matters. Goldberg, of course, was the New York literary agent who catalyzed the Lewinsky scandal by convincing Linda Tripp to surreptitiously tape Monica Lewinsky talking about her affair with Bill Clinton, and then deliver the tape to Newsweek. “The only way to go forward with a story like this is to nail it physically with tapes or pictures,” Goldberg, who now runs the conservative forum, says. “Or you need one of the people involved to admit it. The Times has nothing like that. I’m shocked by their lack of standards.”

Even worse, it’s all the Mormon’s fault!

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