Lost Leaves Reviewer Even More Lost


Yes, we know, you can hardly breathe you’re so excited for tonight’s season finale of Lost, which is sure to be just as inconclusive as every other painfully frustrating episode of the series. Even the New York TimesGinia Bellafante is getting amped up about the two-hour event, pondering just what exactly it all means. The results of her quest? It turns out we watch the show because we’re all a bunch of anxious, desperate people, tormented by the uncertainties of the modern world.

Bellafante writes: “Lost is, in some sense, in the dark business of exploring just how futile the modern search for peace, knowledge, recovery or profit really is. The failure of people to combat their most debilitating weaknesses is one of the show’s most compelling themes.” So go on, take a good long swig from that bottle of vodka as you watch tonight’s finale. The Oceanic Six would want you to.

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