Everyone Loves Charlotte Ronson!

LEZ IS MORE! Lindsay, Samantha (Photo: Getty Images)

OMG you guys, Charlotte Ronson is like completely the most popular girl in town! All the prettiest people came to her Fashion Week party Saturday morning, even cutie couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, who were totally giggling at each other through the entire show—how rude!. Also? Can you even believe that Cory Kennedy sat two seats away from Lilo?! LOL, total frenemies!

And then there was a fight among paparazzi outside! And Charlotte totally let her younger amateur sister Annabelle Ronson model, which is really so cute. And her brother Mark Ronson‘s girlfriend Daisy Lowe walked, too! But then did anyone else see when Emma Roberts went to say hi to Lindsay and it was major awk? And GOD, Jessica Szhor, Sean Lennon, and Jessica Stam even popped in. Also, just wanted to say that fashion blogger Faran Krenctil was totally wearing my shoes. The nerve!

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