LiLo’s Pops Reaches Out to Dina

POP TALK Lindsay, Michael Lohan (inset)

Now that Lindsay Lohan‘s stuck in rehab and not talking to the press, her family—most notably, once-deadbeat dad Michael—has decided to take the reigns and gab away to anyone who will listen in her stead.

Sources close to Radar tell us that papa LiLo has been in touch with Lindsay in rehab as recently as last week and has been talking openly to the press about his ex-wife Dina‘s lack of parental support, saying that she needs to “get on board to save Lindsay and the kids.”

By save, we aren’t sure if he is referring to his Biblical conscience&mdash:lest you forget, he “took a Bible college mail course from Global University and was ordained in the Assemblies of God Ministry” while in jail—or merely wants Dina to band with him to save the family piggy bank, but we’re sure he meant it in the most sincere parental sense.

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