LiLo Defends Sister’s Honor, Cup Size

ALL NATURAL Littler Lohan

Sister sister: Lindsay Lohan takes to her blog to refute nasty rumors that her 14-year-old kid sister, Ali, has had breast implants. Lilo writes that “world’s greatest mom” Dina “taught us to appreciate what we have been given.”

Minority report: The U.S. Census Bureau projects that minorities will be the majority in America by 2042. And also, there’ll be a lot of old people.

Georgia on our mind: Russia was withdrawing troops from the Georgian city of Gori this morning, but then there were some explosions and Georgia alleges that Russia is actually bringing additional troops into the city. Stay tuned…

EAT, PRAY, CLICK HERE: Spies revealed; Powell keeps quiet; and getting smuggled cash back?!

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