Li’l Kardashian a Strip Off the Old Block

The family that strips together…: In a single night, Kim Kardashian‘s eight-year-old sister surpasses Ali Lohan and Jamie Lynn Spears on the list of D-list li’l sisters who will likely wind up on the pole.

We hear…: That this story, about researchers finding that more people believe gossip than actual reporting, is just a nasty rumor and that the study was flawed factually.

Right and wrong: Michelle Malkin quits the O’Reilly Factor after Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera refuses to genuinely apologize for saying he wants to spit on her over her ban-’em-all, build-a-wall immigration policy. [Via Mixed Media]

Fox stalks the peacock: Rupert Murdoch‘s FBN goes straight after rival CNBC; sometime lunatic and CNBC money man James Cramer opts for a root canal rather than engage. [TV Newser and Newsbusters]

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