Like Bush Aggression? You’ll Love McCain!

  • Years of failure have forced President Bush to retreat from the “freedom agenda” that helped justify his invasion of Iraq once the WMD argument fell apart. But chill, everyone—John McCain has no intention of being such a pussy: according to new analysis released today, he wants to kick even more anti-freedom ass . “The perception that McCain is less bellicose than the administration is belied by his own positions,” reports Bloomberg. McCain is in fact “more confrontational than the president on foreign policy issues ranging from Russia and China to North Korea.” McCain advisors claim “he’s no neoconservative,” but rather a “realistic idealist” who is “standing up for people he thinks are being abused.” Yeah, “realistic idealist standing up for abused people” definitely sounds better than “neoconservative,” might as well give that a shot. [Bloomberg]

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