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Life Imitates Art for Stoney Gossip Girl

PUFF, PUFF, GIVE! Meester(Photo: Getty Images)

A night on the town spent getting high at a trendy Manhattan nightclub sounds like a plot thread on CW’s Gossip Girl. But it’s also how one of the show’s stars, Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf, aka the hot bitchy one who can kind of act), likes to spend her time off camera.

Last week at downtown hangout Goldbar, Radar witnessed Meester, in the company of some non-famous friends, totally partaking of a joint being passed around at a neighboring table. What’s worse, she repeatedly jumped the rotation and awkwardly tried to re-light the dying roach with a candle. The negative influence of date-rapey ne’er-do-well and current infatuation Chuck Bass, no doubt. Or maybe Meester is a method actor who was just out doing research?

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