Libby Headed to Prison

GET COZY Scooter Libby

Dick Cheney’s efforts to get Scooter Libby pardoned are no doubt heading into warp speed this afternoon, with the ruling from Judge Reggie Walton that Libby, former chief of staff to the VP, be sent to jail while his lawyers appeal his 30-month sentence for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Apparently, Walton was unmoved by the Goodfellas-esque posturing of pro-Scooter forces, who the judge says tried to sway him through “harassing, angry, and mean-spirited phone calls and messages … wishing bad things on my family.” No comment from Libby about the sentencing or Walton’s reports, but then he must be preoccupied with the thought of adjusting to life in the federal pen as a wealthy white guy named Scooter.

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