Barrel’s Bottom Found in Menudo Reunion

‘DO OVER Menudo

Menudon’t: Cheesepop producer Johnny Wright brings us Road to Menudo, a new show about remaking the boy band that started it all. Tips on auditioning here (#5: “Be careful not to wear overbearing cologne”).

L-Fed: Though she denies it, word is that Lindsay Lohan is the latest to fall for K-Fed’s fertile rapper schtick.

Bachelor: Prince Edition: Prince William and his lady love of five years Kate Middleton have broken up. He’s not sad; he has ladies waiting in the wings.

Is the obsession over?: Anna Nicole’s two diaries fail to sell at auction.

Another Sanjaya supporter: Hillary‘s fine with you voting for Sanjaya, but is the feeling mutual?

Photoshopped out: A photographer for the Blade in Toledo, Ohio, is busted for altering at least 58 photos that have appeared in the paper and on its website.

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