Today in the Heath Ledger Investigation

IN THE WEEDS Ledger, Olsen (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

While some reports say police investigating the death of actor Heath Ledger are now planning to question Mary-Kate Olsen about calls she received from Diane Lee Wolozin, the masseuse who discovered Ledger’s body, others refute that claim. (The body rubber, who called Olsen prior to her 911 call, is likely to find herself in legal trouble as she did not hold a state license to practice massage therapy. Licensed massage therapists are supposed to be certified in CPR.) When Wolozin finally called 911 after nearly nine minutes of calls with Olsen, she attempted CPR under instructions from the 911 operator. Wolozin then called Olsen a fourth time after the paramedics arrived.

People mag explores the apparently close relationship between Ledger and and the wee actress. They were casually dating and liked the same cigarettes and party places. A source tells the tab that “they were hooking up, but neither were particularly interested in making it exclusive.”

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