Leave Condi Alone, Matt Cooper!


Yesterday, Portfolio blogger Matt Cooper did a light trashing of Condi Rice, picked up approvingly by Andrew Sullivan. (And then apparently Cooper took off for the weekend, although, to be fair, his two most previous blog items were published on August 7 and July 31, which is hilarious. I would like that job please!) Why is Condi not in Georgia? he asked, saying: “It’s hard to imagine a Henry Kissinger or a George Shultz, her Hoover Institution mentor, staying in Washington during a crisis like this. She’s supposed to go to the region next week and not a moment too soon.” Today at 10:30 a.m.: Rice Holds Talks in Georgia on Cease-Fire. Oh, well then, so she was pretty much already on the plane? Actually, yes! The day before Cooper’s blog post, the White House said this, at 12:45 p.m.: “The President has asked Secretary Rice to travel to Tbilisi, Georgia. She will leave this evening.”

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