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U.S. Government Getting Hosed In Court—And Britney’s Back!

IS THIS THE E-PAPER YOU SEEK? Plastic Logic’s new contraption

Good morning! Here are a few things you’ll want to know while you’re slapping yourself into a state of awakeness!

Law: The government is losing breach-of-contract lawsuits left and right! There’s a billion dollars in damages for oil and gas leases, perhaps as much as $50 billion in lawsuits regarding nuclear waste—and now a series of Medicare payment lawsuits may cost billions more.

Business: The CEO of Washington Mutual finally got canned. The bank’s share price is in the basement (it closed at 4.27 on Friday, down from 36 a year ago). WaMu had losses of around $19 billion.
· Costco and Sam’s Club are making a killing in the recession: “The number of people visiting such stores grew three times as fast the adult population of the United States.”

Entertainment: Tommy Lee Jones is suing production companies for as much as $10 million over No Country For Old Men.
· Britney Spears cleaned up at MTV’s Video Music Awards last night—the Britney brand is back!

Media: Is the Plastic Logic e-newspaper the flat electronic newspaper that the future promised us?

The Globe: The U.S. Army’s largest European command base will be scaled way down to a field headquarters.
· In this video report on farming in Israel, we learn that the Holy Land is basically Tatooine.