Law & Order Taps Buffy for Anna Episode


Ripped from the headlines: An upcoming episode of Law and Order will feature big-screen Buffy Kristy Swanson playing an Anna Nicole-type character. Not our first choice but good.

Media wars: Viacom slapped YouTube with a $1 billion lawsuit for copyright infringement yesterday. Insightful analysis from screaming YouTubers to follow.

If they sell it: It seems that O.J. Simpson’s kinda-tell-all If I Did It might actually see the light of day as the rights will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to Ron Goldman’s family.

Flip-flops by the pool: There’s an interactive NCAA basketball bracket on John McCain‘s website. That’s the same McCain who, four years ago, said that gambling on college hoops is wrong.

Pegasus was his co-pilot: A Montana man who crashed his truck into a light post insists that it wasn’t him driving. It was a unicorn.

Photo: Splash News & Picture Agency

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