Shafer Sniffs Out ‘Perv’s at the Post


Blogs are EDGY: The death of three teenagers and serious injury of two dozen others is worth making fun of if you can take a cheap shot at Jack Shafer. LOL!!

Speaking of Shafer…: Slate’s media critic is smoking out “perverts” and “pervs”—there have been more than 700 of them inside the New York Post in the last eight years. Shafer is journalism’s Xavier Von Erck.

Making bread: LA Observed points towards the debate over whether or not Nissan’s ad agency appropriated artist Matt Johnson‘s 2004 work Breadface into its latest series of commercials.

Schadenfreude: That’s what the TimesJanet Maslin thinks the new book about Lord Conrad Black should be called. Sadly, the book, by Tom Bower, is titled Outrageous Fortune: The Rise and Ruin of Conrad and Lady Black.

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