Last Media Job In New York City Gladly Taken


Since I was fired from the New York Observer back in June—the owner-publisher, I was told second-hand, objected to a light reported item I wrote while freelancing here at Radar—I’ve been at loose ends. (It’s not like I missed the money—they only paid $24,000 a year for a weekly column, so it wasn’t really a job, per se, though it was great fun. Apparently the owner-publisher thought that he owned me for that price! Funnily enough, that is the exact same salary Nick Denton paid me for the first year I did Gawker.) What was I saying? Loose ends. Right. There’s not much for a reporter or an editor to do these days! For instance, a headhunter wrote me the other day about the overnight politics editor job now open at the HuffPo, and I had six overqualified candidates to recommend off the top of my head. And have you noticed how no one leaves their jobs anymore? So look out, suckers—I took the last media job in the world! I am SELFISH.

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